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Miwok, Lincoln, and a Tiny Injury

Miwok, Lincoln, and a Tiny Injury

by macdaddy on May 11, 2011 · 4 comments

We spent the past 5 days visiting Pam’s parents in Lincoln, CA. The purpose of the trip was twofold however. We wanted to have a nice visit, but Pam also had to take care of some business.

Let me just say, the race was a blast! Every time I crew for her at a race, I get totally pumped up about my own running. I love the ultra-running community, especially the trail runners. Everyone is so supportive–especially of the mid or back of the pack runners. It’s a feeling I just don’t get about road running. I’m drawn to this community and I’m slowly becoming a member of it—I feel as if I’m leaving the roads behind and heading out into the hills. This whole process excites me; it makes me want to be a better runner.

This is what she got to run through all day! Amazing.

So Pam ran the Miwok 100K trail race in the Marin headlands just north of San Francisco. She not only ran it, but she ran it in 9:39. I’ll do the math for you, she ran 62 miles at ~9:12 min/mile. Oh yeah, she also climbed 11,000 feet of trails as well. To top it off, she won the whole freaking shabang! First woman to cross the line…that’s my wife. Kind of makes me feel a little inadequate. First, she has two babies, then she brings home the bacon, AND she crushes the competition at these ultramarathons. Next thing you know, I’LL be bare foot and pregnant.

I’m starting to figure out this whole crewing thing as well. I think we’re slowly getting the hang of how to work together as efficiently as possible. We were able to get through this race with only one miscommunication that you can read about on her blog. But it didn’t really effect anything too much. AND, I got to run with her for the last 5 miles of the race. It was a total blast and I finally figured out how to run faster than her—just give her a 57 mile headstart!

Bringing her home

Bringing my Champion Home!

Unfortunately, by the time I finished my five mile pacing duties, I injured (only slightly) both my right groin and my right calf. My body isn’t used to to trail running (yet) and I was only 6 days post marathon. Couple that with the 4 easy trail miles the day before and my body was really letting me know that I wasn’t quite ready to run that hard over that steep of a terrain. I’m already on the mend I think. But it does amaze me how she can run for 62 miles and be LESS sore than me after only 5. She’s an amazing machine.

Spent at the end

I hope I actually heal up as fast as I think I am because I’ve got some really fun events planned over the next few months. I’m only about 4 weeks out from my next race, the Forest Park 50K in Portland, OR. It will be my second career ultramarathon. I’m running it with a friend (it’s his first ultra) and the plan is to run it conservatively, together, as a fun run—not a race. We’ll see how that goes. We all know what happens when that gun goes off and our competitive juices start flowing. It will be tough to not try to hard to beat my previous 50K time, even though it’s a different course. Comparing ultramarathon courses is pretty much impossible so hopefully I’ll be able to throw my first 50K time out the window when I’m running this one and just run in the moment.

Then, just a short 8 weeks after Forest Park, I’ve got a little 190 mile multiday relay event going on. Brandon, Sharla, Tara, Jo, me, and one other runner to be determined are going to have a blast running the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage at the end of July. I can’t wait for this event. 6 healthy living bloggers running, sweating, eating, and stinking up a rental van together for about 30 hours should be a blast. The event is geared towards teams of 12, but we all decided that doing it as an ultra team better represented the transformations that we gone through on our healthy living journies. Some of the people on my team have led truly remarkable lives and I’d like to get each one of them to do a guest post about their journey here at GFS. Whaddya say guys? By the endo of Ragnar, we’ll either love each other or hate each other—I’m betting on the former!

I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to write about as well: weird dreams, back to the paleo lifestyle, crossfit updates, more running stuff, and I’d like to throw in some actual healthy living news and some recipes as well. But those are for another morning because I’ve got to get the kids off to school! Have a great day.

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1 Missy May 12, 2011 at 7:29 am

Wow, Pam is an amazing woman. I’m off to read her blog now!


2 Brandon May 13, 2011 at 8:10 am

Big congrats to Pam, that is just awesome! And I totally can’t wait for Ragnar too, it is going to be such an incredible time with all of you. And of COURSE I’ll do a guest post for you :)

And I know that we’ll love each other once it’s all over, because I already love you guys!
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