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Running On The Moon

February 27, 2012
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Way back in August, I was contacted by Outside PR about getting a chance to run on a really cool treadmill called an Anti-Gravity Treadmill. These cool machines are made by a company called Alter-G. The offer couldn’t have come at a better time because at that time I was trying to run through some [...]

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2012 Hagg Mud 25K Race Report

February 20, 2012
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This past weekend was a busy one for the Smiths. But that’s how we like it around here—until we can’t stand it any more. Saturday, my little dude turned 5 and Pam ran in the Hagg Lake “Mud Run” 50K outside of Gaston, OR. She says she lost 250 “Mom points” by racing on her [...]

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A Few (too many) Words On Food

February 8, 2012

Pam and I have been talking A LOT, ad nauseum you might say, about food these days. We recently had a dinner party where we threw healthy nutrition off the Smith Family Bus and replaced it with a week (and a half) of the “high everything” diet. That is high calories, sugar, flour, grains, alcohol, [...]

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Really Training is Hard Work

February 5, 2012

Man I’m wiped out! After one week, it’s become painfully clear (we’re talking REAL pain here folks) that while I say I’ve been “training” (with 4 crossfits per week and 20-25 miles on the roads per week) I haven’t actually been TRAINING! Last week I stepped it up big time. For training purposes, my week [...]

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The Good, The Bad, and The Plan

January 31, 2012

the good… If you talked to me last week, you would have noticed I was on cloud 9. I was so happy with everything about my life—especially my fitness life. I was lean (down 6 pounds since Jan 3rd) and strong (PRs in every single max lift at CF since the 2nd week of January). [...]

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