4 Simple Tips to Build Self-Confidence

Some Quick to Build Your Self Confidence


Are you struggling with your self-confidence? Would you like to feel happier, be more energetic and get more things done? Do you want to experience life more fully and feel good about how you are contributing to the world?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then follow our little guide of four tips for building your self-confidence. Everyone needs a little boost every now and then — and everyone must build skills to get better at self-confidence.

Self-confidence is not something one is born with, rather it is instilled in you at a young age. If you didn’t have the privilege of a healthy role model to believe in you and encourage you, then you may have to work just a little harder at your confidence levels.

Why is Self Confidence so Important?

There are many reason why being confident in one’s own self is extremely important.


First of all, your health. Confident people tend to be less stressed and worried, which results in a much healthier lifestyle and fewer medical conditions. They also don’t stray away from physical activity, exercise and sports, all of which contribute highly to a healthier life.

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Love Life

It’s pretty obvious, confident people have a better love life. They are more open to relationships and are more well received by others.

It’s tough to lead a healthy love life if you don’t believe in yourself. If you don’t see your own self worth, how can someone else?

Money and Position in Life

Confident people make more money. That’s a fact. They take more risks, they network more effectively and move up in their professions quickly. Everyone loves a confident person. Nobody wants to give a promotion or raise to a person who doesn’t even believe in themselves or their own skills.

It’s much easier to make a doormat of someone who acts like one. Confident people demand their position in life be raised because they feel they deserve it. And most of the time they do. And so do you!

This guide will give you some tips to get you feeling a little better about yourself — something we all need! Read on to get your four tips, and start practicing now!

Tip #1: Use Positive Self-Talk

Stand in front of your mirror at the beginning of each day. Look at yourself, and tell yourself three positive things about yourself or your position in life. Self-encouragement may feel silly at first, but everyone needs a coach.

Research shows that when you talk positively, you feel the effects of that. The result is more confidence. Even if you don’t necessarily believe what you are saying, the effects are the same. So first thing, cheer on yourself!

Tip #2: Ask for Encouragement

Go to your closest friends or family members and tell them you need their help. Sometimes people aren’t the most natural helpers, but almost everyone will help others in need. We all need a team of people behind us, so tell them that you need a little positive feedback every now and then. They can be your fans and supporters in the journey to building new confidence in all areas of life.

Remember, don’t be afraid to do this, because people with a lot of self-confidence are not fearful people!

Tip #3: Ask the Impossible

One way to get over fears, especially fears of rejection, is to go out of comfort zone in the “asking” department.

Start small at first. Ask a stranger for a dollar. Ask a barista for an extra dollop of whipped cream. Call your cable provider and demand something for free. Then, move on to harder tasks, like asking out your crush!

You’ll gain self-confidence and decrease your fear of rejection as you see how generous those around you are and as you realize that getting a “no” isn’t about you at all.

Remember, everyone gets rejected at some point, the difference is how we choose to deal with that rejection.

Tip #4: Set One Big Goal

Set one big goal that you think you actually could accomplish this year. Make it challenging yet achievable. You’ll get a huge boost of confidence when you accomplish that goal. The same is true for setting up smaller, easier goals and working up to your big goal. Make a checklist to track your progress and reward yourself as you reach your goals. Celebrating achievements — even small ones — is a boost to self-confidence that will only grow in time as you continue to set and reach goals on your list.

Final Thoughts

With just a little practice, you will be on your way to getting more out of life and feeling good about the steps you are taking in all areas if your life.

Don’t get discouraged if at first practicing these skills is hard. Asserting yourself and believing in yourself is hard! None of us can do it on our own, which is why this guide and the community around you can really help you excel.

Are you ready? To be the person you were meant to be? To join in the fun of life that can only be experienced when you truly feel good about yourself?

Try a few of these tips everyday over the course of the next few weeks. Gradually build up to practicing all four skills in one day. Little by little it will get easier, and you will not only feel more confident but you actually will be more confident.

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