3 Benefits of Creatine Supplements

What are the benefits of taking a creatine supplement?


Creatine is a popular supplement amongt athletes and bodybuilders alike. This is in part due to its popularity with building muscle and strength. However, creatine can be used for more than just muscle building. Discussed below are 3 ways in which creatine can benefit you and your workout routine (MensFitness.com).

Muscle Growth

One of the benefits of creatine is that it will increase your workout intensity. This is due to creatine creating phospocreatine in the muscle allowing for longer workouts (MensFitness.com). This means that you will achieve a higher level of muscle mass over time. Not only will your muscle mass increase but you will build it much faster due to the creatine allowing you to keep pushing when you would have previously given up or burned yourself out.

However, creatine alone will not be enough. It must be supplemented with additional calories and your own personal drive to push through the workout before any noticeable muscle mass will be built.

Creatine used for building muscle is most beneficial for those who have trouble putting on muscle mass and maintaining it (BodyBuilding.com).


Recently the effects of creatine supplements were tested with athletes running a 30 kilometer race. They were tested for post-exercise muscle recovery in the muscle cells themselves.

Athletes who took 20 grams of creatine per day mixed with maltodextrine were found to have decreased damage in markers regarding creatine kinase, prosaglandin-E, lactate dehydrogenase, and others. Other participants in the study that only took maltodextrine were shown to have an increase in these damage markers

In conclusion, they researchers found that taking a creatine supplement mixed with malotdextrine reduced the damage to the cells of the muscle and reduced inflammation.
It is recommended that athletes whom participate in high-intensity exercises or workouts use creatine to promote complete recovery of muscle cell damage (BodyBuilding.com).

Creatine has also proven to help myogenic satellite cells, used in building muscle, and improve the strength and maintenance of skeletal muscle (MensFitness.com).

Performance Increase

Creatine has been found to increase your metabolism thus contributing to fat loss and a higher amount of calories you burn during a workout or exercise. The impact is significant for sprinters whom increase their metabolic rate every time they run. Sprinting relies heavily on ATP as fuel and adding creatine will help increase a sprinters performance and weight loss (BodyBuilding.com).

Also, sprinters who use creatine as a supplement have enjoyed a 10 percent increase in performance during the first 30 seconds after starting to run. For many this can mean the difference between a win and a loss (MensFitness.com.)

If losing weight is your goal, then consuming less carbohydrates is a key ingredient to losing that weight. However, this means a loss in energy during your workouts. This can be balanced out by adding creatine to your diet (BodyBuilding.com).

What we think are the best creatine supplements on the market

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, creatine can have many beneficial qualities that not only pertain to muscle mass and strength training.

It can help with weight loss, endurance, and muscle recovery to allow you to perform your best as an athlete or bodybuilder.

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