The Benefits of Having a Partner in Fitness

Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Some people love to go it alone when they workout. Being a lone wolf might not be the answer for you.

It’s too easy to make excuses, to go back to bed, eat that piece of cake, or skip your exercise routine. It’s time to consider having a partner in fitness. The payback will be worth it when you have someone else who is cheering you on and counting on you.

There are many perks of having a workout partner. Not only is it more motivating, but you also have someone to spot you on your lifts, to keep you engaged and someone to just talk to in between sets. When workouts are fun, you’re more likely to not skip them.

Here are a few more reasons why working out with someone on the regular might be good for you.

Give Yourself a Reason to Show Up

When you have a workout partner, you can become more motivated. There’s going to be someone else who is waiting on you.

You might be able to say no to a DVD or your morning run when you’re on your own. You’re not only in it for yourself. Your fitness buddy needs you just as much as you need them. You can give each other a pep talk, pick each other up when you fall, and know that someone else is in it with you.

Have More Fun

If your workout feels like a chore, you are more likely to give up. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful. Some people love extreme fitness and they want to push themselves to the limit. Others just want to enjoy themselves.

Whatever your preference is in fitness, your workout partner can make it a more positive experience. When you have a true friend in fitness, it can truly be adventure. Choose activities that you both look forward to and stick with it day after day.

Try new gyms, take a class together, or go on a retreat. Plan breakfast, lunch or dinner as a reward after your session, capping off your workout in a way that is satisfying. You’ll have something to look forward to as you make positive changes in your lives together.

Get the Results You Both Want

Start working out with a partner and you’ll start seeing results. You can build each other up as you increase your stamina, strength, and endurance. Set goals and celebrate each time you reach them. Consider changing up your routine and going the distance.

If you’ve walked a mile a day together, shoot for two. Try jogging and find out if you and your partner are ready for a mud run. Consider doing something daring or more extreme. You will have a partner to give you that added incentive. You’ll have someone by your side every step of the way.

Find Your Competitive Side

Get a workout partner, and experience the benefits of some healthy competition. Workout alone and you only have yourself to go up against.

When you have a friend by your side, you can both start to push your boundaries. Try harder, workout longer, and jump new hurdles. Try new things together and see who excels. You may surprise yourself and discover that you have talents you didn’t know about.

If your buddy is better at something, encourage them and find out what works best for you. Your partner will be your cheerleader too.

Help each other find the flaws in your methods. Communicate what each of you could be doing better, what your strengths are, where are your weaknesses and how to tackle them.

Make a Commitment to Better Health

When you have a workout partner, you are making a promise to each other to take care of yourselves. You are both improving your health every, single session. Picture a long life ahead of you and know that you are not only helping yourself.

You are helping a good friend to stick around for those golden years. You’ll have physical, mental, and emotional benefits when you exercise on a regular basis. Having a partner will make it easier to keep a daily appointment with your fitness regimen.


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