Benefits of Whey Protein Powder for Weight Lifters

Why you need a whey protein supplement if you lift weights


Physical fitness and well being is not a new concept to the health community. It has long been realized that there are specific health considerations to take into account when an athlete is involved in a sport or recreation.

Lifting weights is a great example of the need for proper nutrition and protein to support the muscles and growth that a weightlifter is seeking.

To get the needed protein, a whey protein supplement will give the needed extra boost to those athletes who lift weights.

What is whey protein?

According to the definition in Wikipedia, whey protein is “a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production.”

How does it work?

Whey supplements work by entering the body and aiding the muscles in repairing the damage that is done during a weight lifting session. These small repairs are then in turn building muscle mass on the athlete.

What does a whey supplement do?

Studies believe that introducing a whey supplement to the body before and after a lifting or workout session will increase the muscle mass of the lifter. Before the workout, the whey supplement gets the body jump started with a load of protein. After a workout the body is at it’s peak ability to receive and process this whey supplement. This is important for the maximum delivery of protein to the muscles that are being built.

To get the maximum results from a whey supplement, it is important to eat small meals throughout the time following a workout. This will provide the body with a constant supply of protein to help repair the small tears that occur in the muscles during lifting. This protein helps to repair these spots and build the muscle that is desired.

How much should I take?

When dealing with building muscle using a whey supplement, the suggested amount to ingest for each pound of body mass is one gram of protein. For a one hundred pound athlete, the minimum amount that should be taken in is one hundred grams. Any extra whey protein that is ingested above that will be used by the body to repair the muscles while they rest.

Although this supplement is created from a natural source, there are still some risks to taking in too much of this supplement. Some of the effects of too much whey protein in the diet could trigger such things as:

  • calcium loss
  • liver damage
  • renal damage
  • diarrhea
  • water loss
  • bloating
  • gout
  • dehydration

It is important to keep a realistic view of the goals and time needed to reach those goals of the athlete. Overindulging in this whey supplement may be more harmful than helpful when it is taken in excess.

What are the benefits of taking whey protein powder?

There are a number of benefits to taking a whey supplement.

This type of addition to a diet is a natural way to ingest the necessary amounts of protein to build muscle, burn fat, and repair muscle damage. Adding a supplement to a healthy diet is an easy adjustment with the large selection of whey related products and supplements.

Not just for muscles…

The addition of a whey supplement to a diet will benefit other parts of the body other than just the muscles used for weight lifting.

Protein is essential for the creation of enzymes, nucleic acids, hormones, cellular messengers, and the components of the immune-system. The introduction of a constant flow of protein is needed for the proper function of the cardiovascular system, tissues, cells, and organs.

According to David Galanis’ article “The Benefits Of Protein Shakes!” on the website, these elements are all needed for the proper function of muscle contraction, healing, and growth.

Reach new goals

Often the nutrients and proteins that are necessary to reach weight lifting goals is not being attained through the athlete’s normal diet. For people who are very busy and do not have the time to prepare these special protein enriched meals, it is necessary to introduce a supplement into their diet.

In order for an athlete looking to increase their body and muscle mass to be successful, they need to take in more protein than they are burning off when lifting.

This can be done easily and nearly effortlessly with a whey supplement.

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