Benefits of Yoga and Why You Should Consider It

You should consider doing yoga and here’s why


In today’s society, the rush to become in shape and nutritionally sound has caused an increase in fitness programs. On every other television station, magazine cover, or website, there are videos, workout equipment and exercise programs geared toward toning the muscles, cardio fitness, fat burning, walking, or running.

Amid these workouts, there is one program that people tend to shy away from, yet, can receive the most benefits from, and that is: yoga.

Yoga exercises address the complete body by combining the practices of breathing, poses, and meditation. It helps in strengthening and relieving digestion; promoting circulation; balancing hormonal, emotional, psyche and respiratory system.

Because of the many movements in the workout that involves bending and stretching, the difficulty of the exercises is sometimes intimidating. Therefore, people tend to place it as the last choice on their list when deciding which workout is best for them.

Types of Yoga Exercises

With the numerous yoga exercises available, the task of selecting the proper one is confusing for many. It is wise to consider age-appropriateness, condition of the body, and always medical counseling before embarking on this physical journey. Guidance and research is the key when choosing one that is best fitted for your specific need. Therefore, listed below are several to help with your decision:

Yoga for flexibility

After participating in a strenuous physical activity whether it be playing a hard game of football, basketball, or running a 5K, the muscles in the body becomes stiff and tense. Yoga provide poses that stretches the muscles, resulting in better body movements and decreased stiffness.

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Yoga for pregnancy

Care should always be the number one concern when pregnant and considering exercising. There are risks involved, especially when work out has not been part of a woman’s regimen beforehand. Yoga prepares a woman’s body, as well as her mind for bringing a new life into the world. It keeps her calm, centered, decrease symptoms that includes constipation and morning sicknesses.

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Yoga for insomnia

Many people are up most of the night because of the inability to sleep. Yoga provides the relaxation needed for the body to relieve stress and tension. Poses can include downward facing dog, child’s pose, crocodile pose, seated forward bend, or corpse pose. Each of these poses give a calming effect to various parts of the body to relieve the tension and prepare the person for a good night sleep.

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Yoga for diseases

Yoga is used as an improvement or cope mechanism for particular diseases. It helps in lowering high blood pressure, improving indigestion, controlling blood sugar, headaches, depression, cancer, back pains, and arthritis. WebMD article states, “Findings show that people who practice yoga and meditation at least three times a week may reduce their blood pressure, pulse and — most importantly — their risk of heart disease.”1

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Yoga for weight loss

Yoga does not yield as high of a heart rate as aerobic exercises, but it has benefits when it comes to shedding the pounds. There are vigorous yoga such as sun salutations, ashtango, or power yoga, that consist of fast-moving and sweaty style poses. These type of yoga workouts help to build and tone muscles, enhance posture, gives a sense of well-being, and helps to lose those unwanted pounds.

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Yoga for aging

Yes, there is yoga for reversing the aging process (well, slow it down at least). It is said that the corpse pose causes the body to regenerate from its degenerative state that has occurred over the years. Yoga gives the body a boost of youth by reducing skin infections and wrinkles, improving tone, increasing circulation, and adding luster to the skin.

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Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga. Foremost and overall it is good for the mind, body, spirit, and soul. It addresses every area of the human structure, providing it with a variety of movements ranging from mild to complex; breathing and meditation exercises to calm the thoughts and body functions; and opportunities to challenge oneself to recognize its capabilities.


At some point in life yoga should be considered. Most see it as an exercise when it is more than that. We do not live in a stress-free society and the challenges are becoming greater every day. We need an outlet to take us away from the everyday happenings, and this is where yoga is needful. Its mission to transfer, translate, and transform, is worth the undertaking so that we experience life at its greatest level.


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