Importance of Running Shoes for Cardio Addicts

Why Cardio Addicts Need a Good Pair of Running Shoes

Cardio addicts and other fitness enthusiasts know that running is one of the greatest aerobic exercises available. While a few hardy souls have ventured into barefoot running, most runners know that the key to performance, comfort and long-distance endurance is a good pair of running shoes.

Lets be real, you wouldn’t drive your car around on subpar tires, would you? So why treat something that is exponentially more important than a car, (your feet and body) poorly by wearing subpar shoes?

Our feet take a daily beating. We don’t really think about it, but they do. So treating them properly and giving them the best equipment to deal with the world is crucial to keeping up their health. Not only is having healthy feet going to make you more comfortable, it’s also going to make your entire body more healthy overall.

Below are four essential factors to consider when choosing a good pair of running shoes:

Avoid the Three B’s, Sock Up Wisely

Runners know that some of their worst nightmares includes ill-fitting shoes that cause Bruises, Blisters or Bleeding. Unfortunately, some runners fail to understand the importance of choosing the right sock to go along with their running shoes.

Cotton socks are generally considered to be inadequate for running because over time they will rub against the skin of your feet. Many prospective runners discover to their dismay that wearing inappropriate shoes like basketball models and thick cotton socks will lead to foot pain and cramping.

To avoid the three B’s it is absolutely essential to invest in, not only, a top-quality pair of running shoes, but also high quality socks.

The Importance of a Good Fit

Runners will feel the benefit of a running shoe that fits well almost instantaneously. When the shoe is snug and neatly tailored to the contour of your foot, comfort is maximized.

A properly-sized pair of running shoes will induce the sensation that your feet are might lighter, with many runners experiencing a floating or levitating feeling when wearing proper footwear.

Many of today’s merchants offer cutting-edge testing services, allowing clients to use in-store machines to match the characteristics of each individual foot to the right pair of running shoe.

Fresh Shoes for Foot Health

Medical researchers and experts in the field have determined that runners who fail to regularly rotate their running shoes have an elevated risk of sustaining an injury or blister. Most running experts advise runners to keep a minimum of two pairs of top-quality running shoes and rotate between them in between running sessions and workouts.

Not only is rotating running shoes important for foot health, it also improves the life of the shoes. Two or more pairs of shoes distribute daily use during workout sessions or runs and allow runners to get longer use out of their shoes.

Furthermore, running specialists know that the sport is hard on the foam and cushioning in the sole of today’s advanced running shoes. By rotating between pairs, the foam and cushioning in the shoes is given time to decompress and return to its original state.

Depending on the model of running shoe, it can take between 1-2 days for some running shoes to fully decompress. Not only do runners risk injury if they choose to use running shoes with compressed cushioning, but the cushioning or foam will wear out much faster if not allowed sufficient rest periods in between use.

Buy More, Save More

Savvy runners, and shoppers in general, know that the price of a good quality pair of running shoes is the same whether buying one pair or 10, and therefore buy several pairs. Over time, as the shoes last longer and new models arrive in stores with higher prices, runners can save a lot of money. The only downside is the larger initial upfront investment.

Experienced runners know that many running stores hold periodic or seasonal sales with drastically reduced prices on top-quality shoes. Savvy buyers can snap up several pairs of good running shoes for one low price, and thus have a fresh variety of shoes to choose from over the following year.

Carefully husbanded, a long-distance runner can easily get two full seasons out of two-three pairs of good shoes if they are properly rotated.

What are the best running shoes ?

I did some digging and researching online and have found the best running shoe¬†for this year. I even picked up the pair for myself and so far I’m loving them!

These are the ones I purchased and have been using for about a month. So far I love them! They are a bit on the pricey side, but like I said above, you pay for quality and I never hesitate to spend money that is going to promote better health.

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