How We Sabotage Our Health and Fitness Goals

Tips to Stop Ruining Your Own Goals


Are you trying to get in shape? Trying to run a marathon? Trying to reach a new weight? Trying to get a six pack?

Do you have that you go through the ebb and flow of an exercise routine — pushing yourself extremely hard only to skip one day and think you’ll never progress? If you’re on a roller coaster of health and fitness goals, then it’s hard to stay on track and feel good about what you are doing.

The worst feeling in the world is the feeling of hopelessness. Feeling like you aren’t doing enough, or you aren’t talented enough or you’re not trying hard enough. But the truth is, odds are you ARE. You’re just mentally psyching yourself out. You’d be amazed at the things you can achieve if you just never gave up. Now obviously there are limitations to this, like you’re not going to play in the NBA if you’re 5’5, but for most other things you can achieve them. You just have to keep pressing forward.

We know these feelings so we have put together a small listĀ of four ways we all sabotage our health and fitness goals that will help you stay on track and feel good about your progress — no matter what your goals are and where you are in the process. The key to reaching your goals is not to beat yourself up before you even start — and certainly not to put yourself down in the process.

Learn how to gain self-confidence and reach your goals by reading on:

How We Sabotage Ourselves

Tip #1: We Use Negative Self-Talk

Have you ever caught yourself talking down to yourself? It doesn’t have to be audible. Often we are telling ourselves negative statements in our heads, and this is true for our health and fitness goals. “I’m so fat.” “I’ll never be able to lift that.” “I’m not making any progress.” Sound familiar? Don’t beat yourself at your own game. Catch yourself in these statements and turn them into positive ones. You’ll instantly feel better and more confident.

Tip #2: We Give Up

Sometimes we find ourselves setting our goals to high at first. When your goals are too big at first, it is really easy to give up. Don’t sabotage your health and fitness by giving up on all your goals just because you fall short of one. Instead, make smaller goals that are much easier to achieve. You’ll build confidence as you go and feel that you can take on greater and greater challenges.

Tip #3: We Get Injured, Unnecessarily

Learn the proper way to lift. Stretch before and after you exercise. Drink the appropriate amount of water. Combined, these and other preventative measures will help ensure you don’t get seriously injured. If there is anything that will sabotage your health and fitness goals its being so injured that you cannot exercise.

Tip #4: We Don’t Get Enough Sleep

It’s not just exercise that is part of a good health and fitness routine. Our mental and emotional health also is very important. We sabotage our chances of having a happy, productive day when we don’t take care of our physical needs — getting enough sleep, staying away from drinking too much alcohol (which can act as a depressant), not eating healthy foods, skipping meals and like activities.

Take control of your mental and emotional health by making sure you are taking care of your physical body. Know the factors that affect you negatively throughout the day and manage them by doing what is best for you. Don’t hurt goals by hurting your mental health chances!

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to reach as many of your health and fitness goals as possible? Do you feel more empowered and ready to take on the challenge? Remember that you can and you will if you keep trying. Sometimes trying is enough.

Take it day by day and celebrate accomplishing even the smallest goals you reach on your health and fitness journey. And finally, don’t give up! Print out this guide of tips reminding you of the four ways in which we all sabotage our health and fitness goals, and then counter all of them.

You’re on your way to achieving success!

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