How to Let Go of Negativity and Start Your Fitness Journey


Letting go of Negativity and Starting a Fitness Routine

When it comes to starting an exercise regimen, you can be your greatest enemy. You have too many excuses about why you can’t do it. You’re too busy, you aren’t strong enough, or you have too many health problems.

Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself. This is particularly true when it comes to doing things that are sometimes hard and do not show immediate results. Such as fitness.

It takes a long time and determination to look like a shredded model in a magazine, so most of us just never even try. We say things like, “well that person has better genetics” or “they have more time than me” or worse yet “that person is on something”. We’ll say anything to make ourselves feel better about the fact that we lack the will to start, let alone finish something such as a workout routine.

Not only do we keep making up excuses, we actually delude ourselves into believing in them, to the point where we being to feel resentment towards those who don’t feel the same way or share the same views. This is why the fat acceptance movement is such a big thing nowadays.

The list keeps adding up, keeping you in the same place. It’s time to move forward. You have to shut the door on negativity and embrace your fitness journey. Make the first move and start now.

It Begins with Determination

You have to focus. Dig deep inside of yourself and think about all of the reasons that you need to become active. Start keeping a journal and tell yourself that today is the day that you begin a positive change. Write down how exercise can become a habit and all of the benefits that come with it.

Break down what you have to do and make a plan of action. When it’s staring at you in black and white on the page, it gives you something tangible to hold on to. You can do this. Take a lesson from Noah Galloway and tell yourself, “No excuses.”

Start Small

In order to begin your fitness journey, begin with small steps. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and overwhelm yourself. Otherwise, you’re more likely to give up. Break down what you need to do one goal at a time. If you haven’t been exercising at all, begin with a short workout session of 20 minutes. You can gradually build up more time.

Try something low impact, like walking. As you become stronger and your stamina improves, pump up the intensity, even if it means walking faster and for longer distances. You can make it work.

Find Something that Excites You

Light a spark of excitement inside of you. Finding your passion isn’t only important when it comes to making a living. You need to choose a fitness plan that inspires you to keep going. Choose activities that you really enjoy, whether it’s swimming, hiking, riding your bike in the countryside, or taking up a dance class.

When you love it, you won’t mind putting in the work, sweat, and energy. It’s a reciprocal relationship. You’ll feel good about your exercise regimen and your fitness plan will make you feel good in every way imaginable.

Change it Up

You need variety. Your body will become accustomed to patterns and you won’t see results over time. Make sure you do a variety of exercises, including strength and cardio. You could lift weights on one day, walk on another day, go for a swim, and try interval training as another option.

Try new things. You never know what type of exercise is going to get you pumped up. Don’t forget to include physical activity throughout your day, from taking the stairs to parking your car far away from the building to give yourself an additional workout. A body in motion will stay in motion.

There’s Strength in Numbers

Don’t go it alone. A fitness partner can be like having a personal trainer. You’re more likely to stick with it if you have a friend by your side who has similar goals. You’ll keep each other going and it will be harder to say no when someone else is counting on you.

Build each other up and remind yourselves that you are in this together. Keep your eye on the prize and never forget that your fitness journey can extend your life. Take care of your body and you can be in it for the long haul.


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