Machines at the Gym You Should Avoid

Six Machines at the Gym You Really Don’t Need

Because no two bodies are the same, various parts of exercise equipment work differently on different people. That’s why there are some machines at the gym that you should stop using. In fact, injuries from using gym equipment has increased by 45 percent. If you’re worried about which exercise machines are more prone to be harmful, here are some machines that you should avoid.

Abdominal Exercise Machines

The most uncomfortable exercise machines are the abdominal ones. Also known as the ab machines, these machines can hurt your spine. Beware of false claims that you need to focus on the abdominal exercise machines for losing stomach fat or getting rid of love handles. Regardless of the number of exercise repetitions done of these machines, they’re ineffective in trimming stomach fat of losing those unsightly love handles. What you need to do is use abdominal exercise designed for more than only working your stomach.

Stick to crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, side bends and the hundreds of other ab exercises that don’t require a machine. These work better anyways.

Hip Abduction Machines

After sitting down and straightening your legs out, you push away from your body when using a hip abduction machine. Although many women think that using a seated hip abduction machine is effective in tightening and toning the outer thighs, they’re deceived. When you push out, pressure is placed on the hip bones and thighs, causing discomfort. Even worse, they’re also dangerous, leading to hernias or sciatica symptoms, which is leg pain and numbness. A better solution is to use small ankle weights that range from two to five pounds.

Pec Deck Machines

Another misconception is that the peck deck machines are effective and exceptionally safe for working the chest muscles. Unfortunately, this machine, also known as the chest fly machine, can actually overly stretch your shoulder, which results in muscle stiffening near the back of your shoulder. As a result, this can cause shoulder impingement syndrome. Instead, do push-ups, dumbbell presses or dumbbell bench presses. These exercises are gentler on the shoulders and work better at building up the chest.

Seated Leg Extension Machines

Another common myth is that the seated leg extension machine is the safest method for working the thigh muscles or quadriceps. However, this machine creates more stress on the knees than doing squats. The reason is because it’s near the ankles where the resistance occurs. As a result, the knee joints undergo too much of a twisting force each time a user lowers the weight. Safe alternatives include doing lunges, split squats and free weight squats as these are better for your knees and working the quads.

Inner/ Outer Thigh Machines

It’s not unusual to see people waiting in line to use the inner/out thigh machines. These machines are popular because it’s commonly believed that they’re good for hip and thigh toning. The truth is that these machines don’t work for toning any part of the body that’s wrapped in fat. For the most part they’re a useless motion that can be replaced by squats, deadlifts or simply running on an incline.

Treadmills (Sorta)

A lot of injuries occur on treadmills.

Don’t use the same speed and resistance when running on a treadmill. Doing so can actually hurt, rather than benefit your joints. Instead of the length of time spent on a treadmill, it’s actually the intensity of the workout that makes a difference in a treadmill workout’s effectiveness.

Ideally you should do all of your running on a track or better yea outside through nature. Not only is it healthier on you and your joints, its also a lot more fun and will keep you more motivated and engaged.

Wrapping Up

While these exercise machines are considered some that you don’t really need to use, they’re not totally useless. There are, however, better options, especially for people new to working out and those with certain goals.

Beginners to working out at the gym are always going to benefit more from traditional and more compound movements, such as bench pressing, squatting, deadlifting, shoulder pressing, etc. This is because these exercises workout your entire body and build up stabilizer muscles that are needed for your muscles to work and function properly.

If you have any questions regarding which exercise machines are the best to use, don’t hesitate to consult a professional trainer. You want to make the most of the time you invest in the gym.

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